My favorite subject is faces because they never get boring. I paint individual portraits for commission as well as groups of people around various issues that are important in my life  I work in watercolor, acrylic, and graphite.

People capture my attention in a lot of different ways. When someone fascinates me, I think about them or dream about them until I paint or draw them, sometimes several times.

Faces are where the stuff underneath can be read if you pay attention. It’s where emotions live. Painting someone’s portrait requires me to really look at what is usually overlooked or ignored, and get a sense of that intangible thing that makes a person who they are.

All of my work is my own, but wouldn’t be possible without a community of artists and makers whose like-minded creative work is not only inspiring but useful! I’m so grateful to them and to anyone who has ever loved something that I’ve made!

I live and create in Turners Falls, MA. If you’re interested in commissioning me for an illustration project or portrait, click here to email me.