Sentient Tree Exhibit

Speaking for the Trees

When I look back at all the places I have lived, I realized that in each place there was a tree that was special to me, a tree that I had a relationship with. When I was 10, there was the willow, whose branches made the walls of my fort. Under her shade, I would spend hours reading and daydreaming.

Ancient peoples felt an intimate connection to trees. They saw how their lives were interwoven with the natural world around them and so they instinctively respected and cared for nature. Today, as a species, we view them as more of a commodity, as background noise.  We behave as if we’re not connected to them at all, as if our lives aren’t dependent on trees.

What if, in addition to sustaining us, trees were sentient beings? What if they had social communities and wept for each other when we cut one of them down, or they died from disease? What if they nursed and cared for their young just as we do? That would change everything, wouldn’t it?

September 2019