Seen/Unseen Updates

Seen/Unseen is a conceptual watercolor portrait series around what is seen or unseen, ignored or overlooked in the people we often see on a regular basis.

As an artist, I am well aware of the psychological power of images.  As a figurative artist, my goal has always been to provoke a strong emotional reaction by using the portrait to depict the psychological battles that transpire within us.  The face is where the physical manifestation our emotional inner stuff lives. It often manifests itself in the eyes, but not always.

Included with the portraits in this exhibit are some pretty powerful narratives from each participant around concept of being noticed, appreciated, and being ignored and overlooked.

On View: April 6- May 30th
Reception: Saturday April 28th, 1:30-3:30PM
This series was sponsored by a Career Initiatives Grant, which was awarded through the Recovery Learning Community