A Day in the Life of Me and My Camera

I take a lot of photos. I love finding interesting compositions and textures to photograph when I’m out and about.

My photography is really important to me as an artist, both because I paint my portraits from photographs, and because I take a lot of process photos of my work for my website and blog.

When I find something interesting, I’ll take a lot of photos of it from different angles. Through trial and error, I’ve learned to create compositions quickly, and to see details I might have otherwise overlooked.   I can then choose the best composition for the photo I want to create.  Later I’ll apply what I’ve learned to my paintings, drawings or other creations.

I mostly paint portraits, so I photograph a lot of people! When I’m in social situations and pull out my camera, it feels like it’s a barrier between me and the rest of the world.  It allows me to be there, but also be “invisible” which makes me feel safer, and more at ease. Also, after a while people usually forget that I and my camera are there, and begin to act more authentic and natural.  This is the time when I often capture some amazing candid shots!  I prefer these photos over boring, unimaginative, posed and formal reference photos. Candid natural shots used as painting references are the basis for exciting, dynamic portrait paintings!

Flowers  and landscapes don’t move,  which allows me to get a lot of practice in getting just the right backgrounds and compositions before adding in people and facial expressions into the mix.

I  always like taking pics of this majestic fellow.  I captured him here on guard duty at the playground this past summer.  As you can see, he takes his job very seriously.  <3