Social Situations and My Art

There’s nothing like an art opening to push me out of my comfort zone.  Social situations are really uncomfortable for me, especially when the sole purpose for the gathering is to display my work! It’s a vulnerable place, since it’s a culmination of a year’s work, and I’m putting it (myself) out there and risking rejection.

I’m more comfortable in my studio going from painting to painting, with brushes full of paint, and doing my best to keep it from getting on the walls and my clothes.

I know that networking is just as important as the work I do in the studio. Displaying my work and having an opening allows me to see my art though other people’s eyes,and receive valuable feedback. I can observe how people react to it, and get ideas on how to improve

Some of the people who I’ve painted over the years were already good friends or family, but more often than not, I’ve painted people’s portraits who have become my friends and biggest supporters, after the fact.